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August 29, 2012
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MM :: Miwa Akuten by kidoairaku MM :: Miwa Akuten by kidoairaku
Name: Miwa Akuten 「悪天実和」
Age: 15 yr
Gender: Female
Year Level: 1st year
Weapon: Greaves. As her main fighting style involves kicking combat her father had these greaves custom-made for her
Arcana: Strength
Arcana Rank: Rank 5
Suit: Suit of Swords
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 94 lbs
Nationality: Japanese


○ Ice Cream & Popscicles you can bribe her to do so much for these treats it's scary
○ Being surrounded by good friends though she's too shy and awkward to go make friends in the first place
○ Small animals like squirrels and birds
○ Warm, brightly lit areas even though she's sensitive to the sun


○ People who are manipulative, controlling, and/or pick on the weak
○ Gloomy weather/rain it depresses her and makes her listless
○ Her father more scared than disliking though...
○ The dark & enclosed spaces a bit claustrophobic
○ The occult/horror/ghost stories
○ Her scars a reminder of something very unhappy


○ Miwa is a shy girl who wants to make friends but is too socially inept to know how to go about it. Her upbringing did not include learning about how to mingle so she often ends up sitting off to herself but despite her fear of interacting with people she pushes herself very hard to meet and get along with others.
○ If you get to know her, you will find that she is a very innocent and friendly girl who is extremely loyal and protective of those she cares about. If the need arises, she will not hesitate to protect them with her life.
○ If problems arise she prefers to be non-confrontational about it but if she pushed to her last resort she will fight and once she starts fighting, she will fight and will not back down or let herself lose.
○ Is very persistent... she'll never give up on a fight, nor will she give up on a friend. She has an uncanny sense for when people are feeling down (sort of like a dog) and will pester them until they tell her what is wrong. Her shy smile and honest eyes are usually enough to bring down someone's guard


○ Very loyal and protective of those she holds dear
○ Very strong and agile; trained to fight since a young age
○ High pain threshold
○ Hard worker and doesn't give up


○ Blindly loyal... (she's pretty gullible and eager to make friends so she cab get taken advantage of pretty easily with her innocence)
○ Once anyone initiates a fight with her, she won't back down from a fight even when she's outclassed (of course she won't start fights and does her best to avoid them)
○ Easily flustered when teased; blushes easily when she's embarrassed about something
○ Her father (pretty much doesn't know how to defy her father no matter what she is asked to do)
○ Pretty much inept at anything that isn't fighting (doesn't know how to cook, grades are not great, doesn't really understand modern electronics, socially awkward, etc...)
○ Has very little common sense


Born to a rich family, Miwa knows little of the hardships of poverty. Her mother worked in law reinforcement and wanted Miwa to have proper knowledge of self-defense and the strength to do what was right when needed so she sent Miwa to martial arts classes as a child. Her father generally disapproved with this idea but allowed it nonetheless. Though after his wife was killed in action, his attitude did a 180; he became a cold man, who was obsessed with Miwa's training to make sure what happened to his wife would never happen to her.

This abrupt change in her father's personality created a huge rift between Miwa and him. Without interaction with anyone other than the maids, Miwa became withdrawn and inept at socializing with people. Her father set rigorous trainings of many types of martial arts, thus, despite her small frame and naive nature, Miwa is experienced in fighting to the point where she usually only needs her legs to defeat her opponents. But after realizing that Miwa was inept at anything but fighting, her father sent her to Higashimori High to learn to take care of herself living in the dorms.


○ Her right eye is glass and scarred under that hair due to an accident during her training as a child
○ She has dyed red highlights and has notable short/long length hair
○ Skin is sensitive to sunlight, she feels faint when out in the sun so she often avoids being outdoors at noon.


Miwa has been through a bit and has withdrawn much into herself. Due to a certain event, her belief in friendship had been shaken and she feared that everyone she was friends with might not actually want to be friends with her, or that she might actually even be hurting them. Even though she will still open up to a few people, her shyness and self esteem has plummeted to new levels and she is uncomfortable accepting people's hospitality. And thanks to ch9, she feels responsible for Ares' injury since it was her weakness that led to it- so she has begun training again as she has neglected that for a while and thinks to herself... "if i were stronger... nobody would need to be hurt because of me..."
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